Love Your Footprint Example Frame

Love Your Fashion

MAKE YOUR FASHION STATEMENT! Choose from a variety of sustainable & artisan textiles and design it before it's made! As we grow, we will even be adding the ability to upload your own print for a truly one-of-a-kind fashion statement.

YOUR shoes. YOUR style.

Love Your Feet

MADE TO FIT YOUR FEET! The modular components of Lyf enables us to create unique footbed structures for unique comfort & fit. The Heel Lock gathers information about your walking pattern, so the next pair can fit even better!

Feel Good While You Do Good.

Love Your Footprint

POSITIVE IMPACT, ONE STEP AT A TIME! Did you know that 90% of all shoes worn in the USA are made well outside of it & almost all shoes are made with the ugliest smelliest toxins? Lyf’s disruptive technology changes everything.

Close the Loop.

Join the Revolution!

CUSTOMERS - Wanna be a beta wearer?
MATERIAL SUPPLIERS - Can you meet our sustainability and production requirements?
PRINT ARTISTS - Wanna design a print for the next generation shoe?
HACKERS - Help Lyf Shoes learn.
INVESTORS - Do you have a Lyf vision?

Lyf Shoes: Join the Revolution.

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