Are you a Lyf Pioneer?

The Lyf Pioneer program is an exclusive pre-launch with 50 customers.
$250 is the Pioneer rate, and it gets you 2 pair of shoes!

Our estimated retail price for one pair of shoes $250 range, so Pioneers get 2 pair for the price of 1at the estimated MSRP (and get Lyf Shoes ahead of the general public!).

How does it work?

• Pair #1 = 1st ones ever produced for customers. You will prove out everything with us, from the initial fit kit, to the shoe production to wearing them and wearing them out. Your return of the shoes 6months or so later and your feedback along the way will help us make a better 2nd pair for you (and a better ultimate product for everyone!)

• Pair #2 = After we receive shoes back from the majority of Pioneers, we get to learn! Your feedback, the wear from your shoes, and the data we collect from the arduino heel lock will give us all the info we need to create your second, even better pair of shoes. YAY!

Are you excited about shoes made on-demand, with fashion, fit AND footprint all as top priorities?
We are only taking 50 customers for this first run. We are looking for diversity of size, fit and fashion folks.

Apply now to be an exclusive customer.

Lyf Pioneer Application