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We are excited to partner with you to revolutionize the way shoes are made, the way they look, feel and impact the world.

We are looking NOW for the following partners:

THE FIRST CUSTOMERS (limited edition of 50 pairs!) – Are you super excited about shoes made on-demand, with fashion, fit AND footprint all as top priorities? Apply now to be an exclusive customer. We are only taking 50 customers for this first run – looking for diversity of size, fit and fashion folks. We have a host of questions on our application. Your answers to those questions will enable us to choose the perfect cross section of people to really test the LYf model.  CLICK HERE TO APPLY

MATERIALS SUPPLY CHAIN – Are you a materials supplier that has an incredible resource we should be using? We are interested in single source materials that are able to be 100% recycled and reused as the same material.We currently use cotton uppers, a recycled cork footbed, a performance plate made from recycled milk jugs and flexible PLA filament and 3D printing for the sole. What have you got that we should investigate? Email us and we will send you details and specific questions. EMAIL US

PRINT DESIGNERS AND ARTISTS – Do you think it would be totally cool to design the print for a shoe? Email us to let us know you are interested, and we will send you an application to become a Lyf artist. Awesome! EMAIL US

HACKERS – Lyf Shoes will LEARN from the wearer with an arduino board in the heel of the shoe. Ultimately, this kit will be open source. We want to learn from YOU first to determine what sorts of modifications you might be especially excited about designing into the shoe. Email us your interest to begin that conversation. EMAIL US

INVESTORS – What is YOUR Lyf vision? If you think the digital cobbler model can change the world one step at a time, let us know. Every great idea needs capital to be put into motion. Lyf is no exception. CONTACT US


Feel free to contact us on our facebook page.

Or email Aly.

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  1. Hallo,
    My name is Livia Salvi and I work for Infosostenibile, an Italian Journal about Ecology and Green Lifestyle.
    I would like to know if I could have for free some pictures of your products so that I could use them for an article about eco-shoes.
    If possible, pls send it by this week.
    Thanks and best regards,

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