Lyf Shoes: The Digital Cobbler’s Revolution

Lyf is a company dedicated to making products for a better planet. All of us in the footwear industry know that we have a lot of environmental, health, and production challenges. By rethinking the process of how shoes are made and sold, we have a unique opportunity to integrate limitless fashion options, a personalized fit and a sustainable product, good for both people and planet.

Lyf shoes are assembled on demand—ideal for intimately meeting consumer needs with the lowest carbon footprint possible. Incenting consumers with a buy-back program, Lyf pioneers “Symmetrical Manufacturing” whereby each assembly facility also disassembles product, sending components back to OEM manufacturers, creating the industry’s first “closed loop” shoe.

The Inside of Today’s Shoe Industry Is Not Pretty.

Foreign labor, long distance shipping/distribution, toxic adhesives, PVC and many other negative impacts to both our environment and economy. In addition to that, the shoe industry operates on a 1-fits-all mentality, customization for your footbed or style aren’t on the consideration scale.

  • 96% of shoes bought in the USA are made entirely OUTSIDE the USA
  • 45% of adult footwear sold in USA is bought from just 10 big box chains
  • Traditional shoemaking requires massive labor and pays avg $2 per hour
  • Toxic adhesives and mega-heat ovens are the norm
  • Almost ALL shoes end up in the landfill sooner or later (mostly sooner)

It doesn’t have to be this way!

The mission of LYF shoes is to create custom-fit, custom-fashion shoes! LYF disrupts the industry by using local assembly, avoiding toxic glues, and 100% recyclable materials.