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Visit us at our flagship store in Raleigh, NC and get your real foot data!

Lyf® Shoes uses a sophisticated (yet, very simple) shoe sizing system called “Mondopoint,” which calculates your measurements down to the millimeter! This system helps us determine your real shoes sizes…YES, it’s plural because your left and right feet are almost definitely different sizes AND we can actually create 2 different sizes in one pair for you!

Our sizing system  measures four key foot dimensions–foot length, arch length, ball width, and heel width–to generate unique data for each foot.  Two different sized feet? No problem. One foot wider than the other? Easy.  Need a lift or unique arch support?  We got you!

Lyf® insoles and soles are 3D printed and can be dialed in for comfort and health purposes. Moving forward, Lyf® Shoes will have the ability to create entirely custom comfort and fit insole profiles based on individual needs.  Say goodbye to generic shoe sizing!  Get your real foot data today!

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